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Our Offices

Head Office Lebanon:
Tel.:  +961 6 426 847
Mob: +961 7 6773959
Fax:  +961 6 426 847

Kuwait Hawally:
Tel.:  +965 261 3 771
Mob1:+965 717 3 951
Mob2:+965 717 3 941
Fax:  +965 261 3 770

Manila Philippine:
Tel.:  +632 5 242 310
Fax:  +632 5 214 992

Sydney Australia:
Tel.:  +614 04 880 788
Fax:  +614 04 880 788


Tel: + 974 55529716 F
Fax: + 974 442 75 683
Mob: + 974 555 19695
 Email: info@humanrecruit.com
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